(I) So. You're thinking about bicycle touring.

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Before we start. To me a 'bicycle' tour is one which exceeds 3 weeks in duration and 1000 miles in length. Most of my comments and recommendations are geared toward those who plan to ride for a prolonged period. Still..even if you are riding for just a few days you will find much material here useful.

Well...why tour by bicycle?

Because cycling

Oh but roughie what about the rain and the traffic and maintenance when bike shops are so far away and...and...eech!

  • to beat the rain, select good raingear and, even better, choose your touring times and places to catch the dry seasons. I talk about raingear in the next section, and climate info is distributed throughout the site. Not all rain is unpleasant and unwelcome; and drippy days can add a flair to the scenery as shown here in Switzerland.
  • to beat the traffic, head for the hills! Thats where the farms, fields, forests and fun is. A good local map with hill shading will take ya 90% of the way. I address this issue throughout my site, also.
  • most bicycle maintenance is simple and requires just a few tools. Fix a flat, be true to your rims (Even more true than you are to your spouse. This was easy for me, as I have no spouse.), protect your bearings and you'll be OK. Tools are discussed in part III, the Compleat Bike. Go there now if ya want.

    But roughie I am a wuss! How should I get in shape for a tour?

    What about the cost?

    Questions from readers.

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