Italy's Northwest Corner often ignored by Alpinists
Late afternoon sun catches the ....... near Sestriere

For my cycling tours the route crosses the col de Larche between France and Italy and presents the cyclist with the question of how to return to the French side of the range. There are several choices, including a minor road very close to Mt. Viso (shown in its own slide). But I prefer to go a bit further north, on a somewhat busy but nonethless scenic roadway in its upper reaches, which ascends to Sestriere in Italy. This lofty skiing village provides superb views of the north/south sweep of alps that constitute the border between the two countries in this region. As you are zig zagging your way north, it seems every pass gives you more and more of a view of the monarchs yet to come, for the mountains here grow ever greater as they approach Switzerland, culminating of course at Mt. Blanc. In any case this is an attractive region but not one I have heard others talk alot about. A swift descent brings you to the twon below (where there is camping, but not especially comfortable camping). A modest climb over Col de Montgenevre brings you Briancon in France, where the cyclist can start his climb up to Col de Galibier (shown also, elsewhere on this site).