Mount Rainier still snowy in late spring

Heavy snow and gloom greet the cyclist at the Parks' northeast entrance

Mt. Rainier is close enough to Seattle to be one of its suburbs; and Seattle is close enough to Mt. Rainier to be the next Pompeii if the Washington State giant blows its stack, as cascade volcanoes are wont to do, in the near future. One of a chain of volcanic peaks that stretches from the US border south to northern California, Rainier national park has fine views of the dome shaped, snowy summit, if the weather is clear. Not that often in late Spring/early Summer when i was there, climbing up Steven's Canyon when suddenly, in my rear view mirror no less!!, a white crown appeared high above me. "NO wonder I've been climbing so much!" i said to myself, as the glacier capped peak dashed in and out of the clouds. I thought the stormy weather had broken, but i was naive in the ways of Wershington: shortly after i reached the top i got walloped by a very cold thunderstorm replete with hail: with bruised knuckles and drenched ego I stayed inside at Longvale, a campground/motel complex on near the parks' southwest exit. The next day, of course, dawned bright, cool, and clear. By the way the 'thunder' you often hear when near this Cascade mammoth, is as likely to be the low, dangerous rumble of a distant avalanche as it is to be from a electric storm.

Some Wershington redneck recycled his boot at this gas station en route to the Mt. Rainier Entrance