Put Some 'teeth' into your Alpine Riding

Ahh..please please my cyclists...if you go to my beloved alps, by all means follow the road on the south side of Lac Leman thru France and back into Switzerland. Not only will the might scenery of the Berner Oberland appear thru the lake mists like wraiths of immense proportion, but you will, upon turning south at the end of the Lake back into the narrow valley of the Rhone, see one of the most impressive mountains in the alps, Les Dent de Midi, or the "Teeth of Noon." A French woman tried to convince me that the name actually meant "teeth of the midi," the midi being part of France. But why the 'teeth of the midi' would be located in the middle of the haute savoie? I asked her...in French, no less!!! and after she almost shit mousse, we stopped at a cafe and had au lait while the afternoon sun played on the face of the great mountain. The day i took this photo was not so ideal..the humidity was great so the air was hazy...but you can see the clouds form and sweep over the icy facades that give this massif its name. I do not envy any climbers on this mountain at the moment!