Sing a Song in the French Alpine Foothills

On my alpine cycling routes I turn east and north from Chamonix into a region that lies South of Lac Leman. What a curious, brief abbreviation from the mighty peaks this largely unexplored section of France is. You have towns like Cluses, Megeve, and other places amidst forested, cool hills. It is a great place to get lost, and I often do that for a day or so, wandering on the smaller unlabeled roads, stopping in the squares for my favorite coffee and croissant. But here in Megeve, my habit of singing on the road while I ride (sometimes quite loud! Half the world away in the Far northwest of canada I was singing loud and clear on the Alaska highway, came around a bend to a small Inn with folks having their breakfast on the veranda--and got a chorus of huzzahs!!) finally bore fruit! I found this G-clef mad of roses on the town square, and could not resist taking its photo; for it is not easy to sculpt plants into this sort of shape, and to be in bloom was even a greater pleasure.