Hidden valleys are the real pleasure of touring

Just to your left, as you get off the train from Kandersteg....
People ask me, and I often pose the question to myself, what it is that makes me cycle through these mountains rather than ride buses or cars or some other transport. A good answer is this picture of the Lotschental, one of these out-of-the way valleys people pass en route from HERE, to THERE. It is famous for its skiing, especially in the spring, for the Foehn, or early spring warm wind that sweeps down the Rhone Valley below, misses the Lotschental. A narrow valley fed by the glaciers near its terminus, it is hard to believe that beyond the saddle on the glacier in this picture, is an entire valley of ice, for it is the area behind the Jungfrau, Monch, and Eiger, not visible in this perspective of the Bernese Alps. Such terrain is the domain of hikers, climbers, and God. For myself, I will stay in the friendlier confines of tarmac.