Indian Schookids have much to Learn..and teach!

I must admit...I have a dirty dark but pleasant secret buried deep in my heart that I am about to share with you. No no no...not that kind of dirty secret..this is not one of those least not this part, anyway. My little secret is this...having completed one world cycling tour, I wanna go on another one! Soon. Maybe starting within the next sixth months. After all, so much do I love being on the road, especially here in India, that I long for those days in the saddle and those nights in the sack, the breezes spiriting thru my tent, the scenery changing from day to day.

Of course there is a practical limitation: money! While I do have enough saved up for another world tour, it would be nice, instead, to find a way to earn money en route to that these trips became self supporting. But how? Well it turns out the answer might have been right under my nose all along! This is a great challenge to me; i think a few canadian provinces could fit under my nose, to be honest! In any case..i did entertain the thought, from time to time, of stopping and teaching at schools in these countries, along the way! The most common need for American teachers in these schools is..well, goshgolly be darned, is English (as a 2nd language). So i think this time when i go, i'll make sure i have a certificate as a ESL along with me. Not a bad idea, eh? It beats getting your hands dirty at some dishwashing job, or some other type of short term work.

I must have been dumb to not think of this sooner, when I often stopped at schools like this one. Throngs of kids and teachers mobbed me and wanted me to share some of my adventures with them; I am sure had I asked i could have found a place to teach for a term or two along the way; and then continued, none the worse for wear. We'll see, if and when i leave again.