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The original cycling Itinerary..the final route was a bit diferent

This page provides links to other sites where the webmaster has either gone on a world tour or provides enough information about cycling and touring that it would be of value to a potential world touring cyclist. I add comments to help you decide if you should indeed click to that site. Many of these sites have been around for a while and their own links, in turn, have become dead which is really frustrating. My experience searching the 'net for really candid and useful information about touring has not been a very fruitful one, which is one reason why I started this site! But in any case the following links may be of interest. Please feel free to send me email suggesting other links or problems with the links I have here. And of course I'll gladly accept advice on how to improve this site, too!.

Egan's Travelogue and photos of his trip in Kazakhstan and Kyrgystan. Slow loading and the webhost sure could use some better HTML techniques, but some pretty pictures nonetheless. Touring advice isn't very helpful, e.g. "avoid groups of drunk or high young men!".

Trentos Bike Pages Good comprehensive listing of tours, countries, but with an emphasis primarily on Europe and the mideast. Photos, travelogues, what to take along, etc. Overall a good site to visit to start trip preparation for going anywhere.

Carl Bergeron took off on a world tour starting back in 1995 but so far their page covers only North America. Text heavy and not easily navigated, but informative.

Ian Burns' "world" tour across a narrow swathe of Europe, the mideast, asia and the USA. Awkward layout and text heavy, but useful.

Mikail Sandberg considers himself to be the very first human to have cycled thru the new and old world.These and other worthless testimonials to his modesty (in Swedish, English and Spanish), but not much else of use.

I sent these guys questions 3 years ago about their travels thru Interior Asia from Turkey to Mongolia. I still haven't gotten an answer. Maybe you will have better luck.

Robert Matzinger's guide to cycling the Karakoram Highway is well done with an assortment of photos and advice, including natural and other hazards to cycling in this region. Of course, my karakoram highway page is better. Seriously, Matzinger is quite a character...go to his home page, too.

Bicycling Southern China. YIKES! $3300 for 15 days, no photos, no links, and no advice to future cyclists. Is there any better reason not to go on an organized commercial tour?

Rural Tibet and western China by bicycle. Nice travelogue but little practical advice about how you can do the same thing.

Here is a barebones list of stuff to take on a cycling tour. How he ends up with 7 pairs of socks escapes me, but the rest is actually pretty good. Not really applicable to touring outside the US or Europe, however.

Bikenews.Org is a very complete site with many good links to cycle touring sites..but many of the links are dead as well, which is frustrating. A pox on "cobWEB" sites!

Here is a very compact site that talks alot about what ya need for touring in a simple, 'click here' format. Under construction and getting better.

The League of American Wheelmen is now known as the League of American Bicyclists, and their website is multifaceted and worth going to. Everything from bike advocacy groups to lists of cyclists willing to offer accomodation to other riders.

South American cyclists would be well advised to peruse this list of travelogues, including mine. Not alot of other information, however.

For a chatty but user-friendly site about cyling, touring, advocacy and other information, check out this guys site. He is a bit 'frames' and 'tables' crazy, but the site is fun to look at.

Ladies! Emphasis on women's cycling and riding in the French Alps. Fantastic guide to the mountain passes in this gorgeous cycling region. You cannot consider yourself a touring cyclist until you have done the [French]Alps, and this is the site to get ya on your way. Well done! Bonne Route!

Also very good is this comprehensive site about touring, preparation, product reviews, even how to find a sponsor to help pay your way!

This fellow from the Netherlands went on a cycling tour around the world. He provides alot of basic information but is short on specifics.

more links will be added on almost a daily basis. 1