If Edith Can't turn in her grave...

Mt Edith Cavell in the Canadian Rockies, Courtesy of your local Chiropractor.

Now, who else in Cyberspace would give ya a photo which is sideways?? Why this happened is beyond me, as I swear I rotated it ninety degrees before I uploaded it, but the finer details of Photoshop still evade me. Anyway, this beautiful peak lies south of the Alberta town of Jasper. Its worth a trip up to see it, not only for the peak itself, but for the lake below, filled with ice calved off from glaciers above it, and the numerous hiking/horse trails which start off in this region. There is an Edith Cavell youth hostel, also. Heed the warnings about keeping the windows closed at night to ward off pine martens. For that matter watch out for bears, and if you don't come back from getting water in the creek several hundred feet behind the hostel, hope they find you. Also on the walls of the privy behnd the hostel lies the greatest poetic story ever told--why doggies sniff each others butts. I won't spoil the tail--i mean tale-- but it alone is worth the visit. One of the hostel wardens kept me up late one night with a story of how a grizzly snuck into the hostel while he was sleeping (he spends alot of time alone up there), forcing him to take refuge on one of the rafters.

The entire Banff/Jasper area deserves thorough exploration by the touring cyclist; from Sinclair pass, near Banff; Bow and Sunwapta pass on the Icefields Parkway itself, and Kicking Horse Pass over to Golden. If you have some time, take this side trip up to Edith Cavell and a longer, but equally scenic, side trip 40 miles west of Jasper to see Mt. Robson, monarch of the Canadian Rockies.