People of Asia: Young and Old, Hello and Goodbye

Three emerging wise guys make fun of my goatee on a bridge in Laos.

Someday, if ever, i'll get all the photos from my trip on my site and it'll be organized and all the javascripts will be working and, well, ya know, hell will freeze over and Al Gore will get a political backbone. If you were to look at all these pictures you'd notice that my first year is almost all countryside..the 2nd year, and this essay is a good example, was almost all people. Since people, and their faces and gestures and smiles and joy to be alive, is best seen and felt, rather than written about, I'll just show the pictures below, with captions. Fill in your own stories, place yourself in the shoes of the countless groups who beckoned hello and waved goodbye..for all those months and all those miles.

Gee where do *I* sit?

Let's play some soccer!

Yummy Yummy and no you can't have none!

Hope you enjoy the WHOLE BAG of donuts!

A junior high school English class bids me fairwell in India

Please come back and we'll show ya his new tooth

After a cool drink on a hit sunny day in India, good tidings for the road

Haven't I seen you somewhere before you little weasel?

I don't need your Ortliebs! My bags are more solid...and lighter, too!

An India Goodbye....