Breakfast for a day on the Road

A hefty breakfast starts the day in Californias' Sierra

Well sometimes the simplest pictures can tell the wildest story, and i have chuckled more over this picture than just about any other. It shows not just the nearly prepared breakfast I had one day in the Sierra Nevada of California, but also a bit about what my cooking gear and table look like. If I recall, there were at least 3 eggs in that scramble, and maybe all six. The 8 pieces of bacon had been cooked earlier and was draining excess fat on some spare paper-- a map, it appears-- I happened to have. The home fries had been seared in the bacon fat-- if I ever have a heart attack, I will give my cardiologist the URL of this picture. Finally the eggs, and cheese, were cooked in what little grease was left. BOOM...i remember wolfing it all down. To the left of the picture, black with age and miles on the road is an old trusty Optimus-99 cookstove with its trusty flame. You are supposed to use 'white gas' to run the thing..I used no-lead from any convenient station, and the "99's" convenient fuel-hole spike reamed out any dirty specks from the fuel. One time I accidentally bought high-test and the things sounded like the MoFo space shuttle!

My best breakfast on the road was cinnamon bread french toast, which i cooked up in Yellowstone park while my fellow 'progressive' bikers gnawed 'gorp' or vegan mulch. I always carry eggs, as well as bread for PB and J sandwiches; when the store in West Yellowstone featured Cinnamon bread in the bakery, a thought hit me. I bought a small jar of jam and BOOM! Breakfast fit for a king!

Normally my meals were more modest--cold Raisin bran with milk started alot of days. To the right is a can of International Coffee---which fit EXACTLY in the back pocket of my Kirtland Panniers.

Of course, I am not always on bike tours...when I am working and staying in one place for six months or so, I still have to eat, right?? Well, because I do alot of exercise and am basically a hyper type or person, I devour a lot of food then as well. Check out this picture of my first serving at Thanksgiving in Misawa, Japan. I cooked it all by myself, and I ate it all by myself, too. Just after I took this picture we had an earthquake. ...just after I finished eating, I passed out from exhaustion for a few hours until one of my colleagues woke me up.

The first serving at Thanksgiving dinner