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Hi there! I may like to think I am the only fella in the universe to tour around our Earth with a bicycle, but believe me, that is not the case. Have a look at some of the links below, and discover a world of cycling for you to enjoy.

  On the Road to Nowhere -
Glenn & Sheila's tour reports from Japan, Central America, Europe and Africa.
  Sydney to London -
The site covers Cass Gilbert's long ride home by bicycle on behalf of The Children With AIDS Charity.
  Minko's Touring Accounts -
Reports from a number of tours, some by recumbent, within many countries in Europe and also North America.
  Chuck Anderson's Cycle Tourist Home Page -
A personal homepage with some good bicycle travel stories from Austria, Italy, Ireland and the USA.
  Eric and Joan's Trip Around the World -
A diary of their 26 month bicycle and canoe trip around the world.
  Long Biketrips -
Reports from a tour across Canada, around the Baltic and Nordkapp to Gibralter.
  Chain Reaction -
Bringing people together through art. Tour Reports from Mexico and New Mexico.
  Bike the World with Ian Burns -
A solo round-the-world trip by bike, covering 13,564 miles in 14 countries and taking 15 months.
  Heinz Stücke's Around the World by Bicycle -
His mission in life to seek out new places to travel to on his trusty three-speed bike that he has used since the 1960's.
  Yak and Yakman Cycle Tour -
When the Yakman is off his beloved Yak he emails in stories and observations of his worldly travels.
  Cycle Logic -
Cycle touring photos from Sardinia, Europe, New Zealand, Australia, Canada, and the US.
  Betzgi's Cycle Tours -
Tours through South America, Mexico and the Himalaya.
  Roaming the Earth by Bike. -
Tour reports from Australia, Canada, Mexico and Europe by Thomas Schleicher.
  The Charles River Wheelmen -
Bicycle tour reports, itineraries, pictures, and stories of trips from around the world. Including Europe, Bhutan, Thailand, Jamaica, Central and North America.
  Cycling for Tibet -
David Lutt cycled from Tibet to Australia in an effort to promote awareness for the Tibetan cause.
  Mike Vermeulen's Bicycle Trip Site -
A dozen bicycle travelogues ranging from a week to multiple months on the road.
  Caryl and Brian's World Bike Tour -
A Tour Report through Europe and the Americas.
  Corax Around the World by Bicycle -
Cycling in over 50 countries, off beat places like Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Tibet, Colombia, Bermuda, Belize, Bosnia and Laos.
  Pedals for Progress -
To fund and photograph the work of Pedals for Progress in Central America, South America, the fiery deserts of Southern Africa, and the islands of Oceania. To get there and back on a mountain bike.
  London to Melbourne by Bicycle -
Adventures and impressions of a bicycle journey from London to Melbourne.
  Cyquest -
In May 2001, four cyclists will leave London for South Africa on an epic expedition spanning three continents and covering 7000 miles.
  Mountain Biking in China, the USA and Cuba -
Mountain Biking adventures atop the Great Wall of China, to the highest natural point in each of the 50 United States, and across Cuba.
  Hugh Currin's Personal Page -
These tours are self supported camping trips in the US, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.
  Tobias Fischnaller -
Outdoor homepage with Infos from expeditions with bike and ski around the world. Includes cycle tours in Europe, Australia and Asia.
  Yvonne's ride reports -
Tour reports from the USA, Europe, Australia and New Zealand.
  Moriartys' Tandem America Tour -
Ann and Kent Moriarty ride a tandem from Prudhoe Bay, Alaska, to Tierra del Fuego (the southern tip of South America).
  Bike Tracks Around the World -
A living creation of Kristal and Larry's trip around the world in the year 2000.
  Amsterdam to India on a Recumbent -
Okke and Suzan, two recumbent riders from Amsterdam plan to take their M5 Shockproofs for the ultimate test. From Amsterdam to India in six months.
  Bike It Solo -
Emmanuel Gentinetta cycles the Pan-American Highway from Alaska to Argentina. Reports, photographs, maps, etc.
  Richard Gregg's Worldcycle -
The world of Richard Gregg ICBM (Inter-Continental Bicycle Man), a man aboard his bicycle on a ten-to-twelve year, extremely-low-level orbit.
  Tour Reports from the US & Europe -
These include: Arizona, Budapest to Prague, Norway as well as France and Spain.
  Jeff's Little Ride(s) -
A selection of brief tour reports and photos from Jeff's rides. Mostly through Asia.
  A World Bike Tour - Forever -
A short article about Heinz Stucke, who has spent four decades on the road, non-stop, visiting every country on the planet.
  Paul Prescott's World Bike Tour -
Follow Paul, travelling from Dubai to Australia/New Zealand, via Pakistan, India, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Tibet, China, Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia and Papua New Guinea.
  Steve and Emi -
Have pedalled over 100,000 kms. Eight years around the planet.
  Roughstuffs' World Cycling Guide -
Bicycle around the world with Roughstuff, the 2 wheeled bard of cyberspace.
  Uk to Singapore and Ecuador to California -
Reports of 2 cycle tours the first, mostly alone to Singapore, the second by Tandem to California.
  Allen Freemans Cycle Tours -
Tours in the USA and E2E in the UK.
  Bicycle Tour of the Americas -
Perry Sanders starts on his mission to conquer the Americas. Follow him on his adventures through Canada, the US and the Latin American countries
  Randy and Jody's Cycling Page -
Tour reports from Australia, USA and a few other places as well.
  World Bath Tour -
A tour of Bath UK's twins, partners, sisters and dubious offspring.
  Tandem Adventures -
Reports of tandem based rides covering long(ish) distances around the world.
  Life is Short -
Bicycle tours in California and Europe.
  Cycle the Americas -
Cycling trip of 28.000 km from North Alaska to South Argentina by Alex Jonker.
  Trond Basso -
In the process of cycling from Norway to Australia.
  1 Leg Up Circle The World Tour -
A 6-month long, 13,000 mile solo bicycle ride around the world by amputee Ric VanSickle.
  The Third Millennium Journey of Hilde and Sönke -
A journey by bicycle from Lanaken (Belgium) to Sydney (Australia).
  Zack's Odyssey 2000 -
The community is a place for friends and relatives of Dave and Pam Zack to follow them during their round the world bicycle trip.
  Odyssey 2000 Riders and Riders in Spirit -
Visiting 45 countries on 6 continents logging 20,000 miles in the year 2000.
  Jan Boonstra's Cycling Pages -
Trip reports and photographs from tours in Thailand, Malaysia, Korea, Japan, Australia and New Zealand.