The City of Bangkok

Boy what an arrival i had in Bangkok. The temperature was hot, of course; and I knew nothing at all about the city and how to find the Khao San road district except that it was in the western end. When I landed and assmebled the bike and equipment I started south on a massive superhighway that required I walk across a zillion road exits where traffic was heavy and none too obliging. In due time I came to a rotary and saw a well paved and shady spur heading in what felt like the correct direction.

I soon found myself in city, but local traffic. I was amazed, after the stories I had heard, about how beautiful these sections of the city were; and how you could come across the unique architecture of the WAT at almost any intersection; unexpected. The main complex of WATs, shown here, is within a walking distance of Khao San road.

Now i found Bangkok a wonderful city, and its attractions firstrate. That is not a compliment made lightly, as I often avoided large cities entirely and Bangkok's reputation almost put it into that category. I am glad I went. Many of the guesthouses in the Khao San area DID have alot to offer...gardens, verandas, quiet times to reflect. Look around and find one ya like. Unfortunately for me I got sick and only modestly recovered. The medicine I took for malaria (which was not fully and correctly diganosed till I got back to the USA) was only moderately effective. I was very tired on some of the days there, and the tempting nightlife did not make for a sound, wholesome nights sleep.

Still the Wats, the museums, the elegantly landscaped temples and gardens, were worth the ride down and back from the airport with its huge expressway.