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Completely Revised and updated July 1, 2008!!!
Dozens of new photos on the way

Two "bicycles" given to me as Gifts over the years.

Don't be on of those cyclists who has to travel 3000 miles away from home on a tour in order to feel you spent your time wisely and saw beauty. The world is full of people who have been to other continents, countries, cultures and cauldrons but can't even say they have visited the geologic and natural wonders in their own backyards. I have fought against this pyschology for a very long time. Two of my tours---the canadian maritimes, and this one, the northeast USA---were designed to spend full time in our beautiful appalachians.

You can find photos and other exciting details about Franks ongoing tour right here!
Watch this high tech guru run a thriving internet service business all the while riding across the USA to Taos New Mexico!

I have more photos from round the world below!

You can part of this site as well. If you have photos and stories to share send them to and I can incorporate them into this network. In the meantime, enjoy!
I'll update my photos and flashbacks on a regular basis. Bookmark this site now to keep abreast of changes and improvements.

By the way if you are looking for the other half of this site, about the Korean War, you can still find it at Roughstuff's Korean War Archive.

For starters, read an ongoing, wideranging interview with Roughstuff, about his trip, his mind, his soul. What a world cycling tour is really all about. Humorous, serious, informative! Click here to have a look.

My bike tour was highlighted in Stars and Stripes, the military newpaper. Have a look at some monstrous photos of my world cycling tour. All these photos are over 500 KB in size, so if your connection is slow, you'll have to be very patient. The photos further down are much smaller.

This page is under construction even as you read this, so links and subpages referred to below will be added almost on a daily basis. For now there are two ways you can read about my tours.

Roughstuff's World Cycle Tour Outline

I am working on this even as you now read it. Please be patient while I add the JPGs, links and text. You will notice that i am starting in Asia and working backwards.